August 24, 2019


Having an itinerary is a very important part of your group tour. It is defined by the theme of your trip, and will tell you where you will be going.

By using us you don’t have to worry about making your own reservations, or wonder where to go to next. Our experts have contacts and can remove all the hassle. You just tell us what your group would like to do, and we will make it happen. This is great for educational tours because we are able to get the most in that will benefit the group.

The amount of places we are able to get for you depends on how long you would like to stay. For instance you would get to see more on a 4-day trip then you would a 2-day trip.

We customize your itinerary to fit your groups needs. The itineraries on here are a few examples of what a trip could look like.

Call us to customize your groups next trip to NYC!